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Drill Jumbo

Development Drill Jumbo

CYTJ45 is a single-boom, electro-hydraulic mining development drill rig engineered for use in tunneling and mining development. This mining jumbo, with a robust universal boom that offers optimum-shaped coverage, 360-degree rotation and automatic parallel
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-Compact layout for good visibility and stability
-Articulated heavy-duty carrier for stable and safe maneuvering
-Powerful hydraulic rock drill and smooth controls for high drilling performance
-Operating environment and automatic functions for safe, fast and accurate drilling
-Protected service points are easy to access for quick maintenance
Technical data
Cornering Inner 2500 mm, Outer 4500 mm
Engine power 58 kW
Hole length 2100/2700/3400 mm
Hole diameter Φ36-φ89 mm
Tramming dimensions 8574X1250X1980mm
Weight 8,600 kg
Depending on options
Carrier type Wheel-mounted, frame-steering
Engine type Deutz TCD2013L04, Diesel
Drifter France Montabert HC50

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