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WJ-1(1.5 Cubic Yard) SCOOPTRAM

Item No.: 00093
The WJ-1 is full of features to help mines maximize tonnes and minimize extraction costs. It has been engineered to optimize machine width, length and turning radius, enabling operation with narrow vein tunnel.
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-Operator's compartment in the rear frame improves operator safety and ergonomics
-Reduced width and turning radius compared to other machines in the same size class enable lower cost per tonne
-Improved powertrain results in higher penetration rates and better loading efficiency
-Higher payloads boost productivity and reduce lifecycle costs
-Ground-level daily maintenance enables safer servicing
Technical data

Dimension (L-W-H) 6.030 x 1.340 x 2.000 m
Capacity 2.0 metric ton
Bucket Capacity 1
Weight (operating) 6,600 kg
Max. Shovel Force 48KN
Max. Traction 50KN
Engine power 58 kW
Min. Turning Radius Inner 2750mm
Min. Turning Radius Outside 4450mm

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