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WJ-1.5(2 Cubic Yard) SCOOPTRAM

Item No.: 00094
HQ Technology WJ-1.5 is a compact and lightweight narrow-vein loader designed for underground mining. It features a tramming capacity of 3.0 metric tons and a best-in-class payload-to-own-weight ratio.
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Proven design for narrow-vein mining
Low operating weight reduces fuel consumption and extends tire life
Small envelope size and turning radius enable easy navigation in narrow veins
Ground-level daily maintenance enables safer servicing
Technical data

Dimension (L-W-H) 7.105 x 1.760 x 2.080 m
Capacity 3.0 metric ton
Bucket Capacity 1.5
Weight (operating) 11,500 kg
Max. Shovel Force 70KN
Max. Traction 85KN
Engine power 120 kW
Min. Turning Radius Inner 3300mm
Min. Turning Radius Outside 5400mm

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