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WJ-4(5.2 Cubic Yard) SCOOPTRAM

Item No.: 00097
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The WJ-4 loader is designed to offer superior productivity. With smart boom geometry, high breakout forces and high lift, WJ-4 provides fast bucket filling and shorter cycle times. The advanced powertrain technology includes a proven transmission with automatic gear shifting, ensuring fast ramp speeds to quickly clear tunnel headings. Durable axles use limited slip differentials to maintain traction and spring applied hydraulic release brakes for safer braking.
Technical data

Dimension (L-W-H) 9.462 x 2.612 x 2.383 m
Capacity 10.0 metric ton
Bucket Capacity 4.0
Weight (operating) 27,500 kg
Max. Shovel Force 187KN
Max. Traction 223KN
Engine power 235 kW
Min. Turning Radius Inner 3286mm
Min. Turning Radius Outside 6414mm

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