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Item No.: 00101
UK-15 is a compact underground truck with a 15-metric-ton capacity built to offer the flexible mobility necessary in narrow-vein mining conditions. This mining truck carries high payloads for its weight and is maneuverable and quick on inclines.

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-Small envelope size and turning radius enable easy navigation
-Excellent payload capacity improves productivity and provides a low cost per hauled ton
-Two-pass truck loading with WJ-3 LHD optimizes the ore-moving process
-Ground-level daily maintenance enables safer servicing
Technical data

Dimension (L-W-H) 8.359 x 2.050 x 2.360 m
Capacity 15.0 metric ton
Carriage Volume 7.5
Weight (operating) 15,800 kg
Max. Traction 200KN
Engine power 160 kW
Min. Turning Radius Inner 4785mm
Min. Turning Radius Outside 7576mm

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