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UK-30 is an underground mining truck that offers a haulage capacity of 30 metric tons and sets new standards in safety, reliability and productivity. Designed for service efficiency and maximum uptime, this truck is made for medium-sized operations.
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-Smallest envelope in its class enables high maneuverability and operation in restricted mines
-HQ Tech Intelligent Control system identifies problems before they occur 
-50/50 loaded weight distribution ensures smoother handling
-Redesigned dump box reduces discharge time
-Three-pass loading with WJ-4 optimizes optimizes the ore-moving process
Technical data
Dimension (L-W-H) 9.920 x 2.800 x 2.560 m
Capacity 30.0 metric ton
Carriage Volume 15 m³
Weight (operating) 31,000 kg
Max. Traction 325KN
Engine power 315 kW
Min. Turning Radius Inner 5204mm
Min. Turning Radius Outside 8914mm


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